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Blossom Possum

‘Colour my beak blue, that’s a risky business if you’re not a cockatoo,’ squawked Rocky Cocky. ‘You’ll need a bodyguard. ’They trotted and strutted off down the track, round the back of beyond, up the hill and past the black stump, until they bumped into… Joanna Goanna.’ Early one morning, Blossom Possum gets such a fright … Continue reading Blossom Possum

Scientific Publications

Gina is passionate about nature and the environment. As a qualified a marine biologist and zoologist, she has undertaken extensive research in both fields and published a large volume of this research. Click on the links below to read each publication. Selected Scientific Publications Newton, G (1996) Estuarine Ichthyoplankton Ecology in Relation to Hydrology and Zooplankton … Continue reading Scientific Publications


If you are interested in interviewing Gina or reviewing her work, please drop her a line! She would be delighted to hear from you. Reviews for Blossom Possum the Sky is Falling Down Under The 2007 Books Alive Great Read Guide The Bookshelf (recorded reading) Help 4 Every Parent Library Thing Where the Books Are Reviews … Continue reading Reviews

Teachers’ Notes

Teachers’ Notes for  Amazing Animals of Australia’s National Parks Year 3 (Ages 8-9) (.pdf) Year 3 (Ages 8-9) (.doc) Year 4 (Ages 9–10) Comprehensive Glossary Year 5 (Ages 10-11) Table of Conservation Year 6 (Ages 11-12) Teachers’ Notes for Blossom Possum the Sky is Falling Down Under Activities for ages 4-5, The Little Big Book Club Teachers’ … Continue reading Teachers’ Notes