Blossom Possum

‘Colour my beak blue, that’s a risky business if you’re not a cockatoo,’ squawked Rocky Cocky.
‘You’ll need a bodyguard.
’They trotted and strutted off down the track, round the back of beyond, up the hill and past the black stump, until they bumped into… Joanna Goanna.’
Early one morning, Blossom Possum gets such a fright she thinks the sky is falling down! She has to tell someone, so she sets off with her news. On the way she meets her bush mates. But she also runs into trouble.

This re-telling of a favourite folktale has a delightful Aussie twist and a refreshingly positive ending. The author has used typically Australian animals to create a cast of quirky characters. Rocky Cocky is a cheeky cockatoo, Echo Gecko an old hippie lizard, and Toey Joey a lively young kangaroo.

Illustrator: Kilmeny,Niland 

ISBN: 9781865047959


First published: 2006